If marriage was the best thing that can ever happen to anyone, why are there still very rich young ladies and guys out there? With this we would be right to say that marriage is not all but just a spiritual, social and moral obligation.

I mustn’t be misquoted, I didn’t say marriage is not right but not all marriages are supposed to be because they aren’t working. The big question would be that, if your father were your husband would he have been the best for you? And if you mother were your wife would she have been the woman of your dream?

Looking at the rate of divorce in our society, I bet the answers to these questions would be capital NO’S. We cannot deny the fact that marriage cannot always be rosy. Another question to this fact would be that, why would you enter into a relation you would always look back and wish you hadn’t entered into?

Gone are does days they force people to marry out of parental familiarities, now we are allowed to marry anybody we feeling we can spend the rest of our life with. Why then do people still fall into the wrong hands? Some claim they fall out of love as soon they got married, if this was your case, then you were never in love, you were carried away by either her beauty or his handsome physic or better still the wealth.

In Africa, the major reason for marriage is procreation, but citing from the scriptures, procreation isn’t the major reason for marriage but for companionship. Search deep down your marriage or you parent’s marriage why exactly are you married or your parents married?

Point to note, never rush into marriage because you’re definitely going to rush out, take your time,

Know him/her well, know his family, because you aren’t marrying just him/her. And be certain you can spend the rest of your life with him/her.


Jealousy isn’t just a threat to relationships but destroyer of any one she finds her way in, therefore she shouldn’t be given any ladder to enhance her movement.

At the root of jealousy lies fear of loss of a cute running relationship and partners feeling insecure about themselves. When fear lessens, so does jealousy. More than feelings of fear, jealousy also leads to a smorgasbord of other emotions such as anger, hate of love “rivals” disgust (sometimes self disgust) and hopelessness.

  1. Believe your partner
  2. Stop comparing yourself with others
  3. It might sound terrible but be prepared to lose them
  4. Stop comparing make believe with reality
  5. Use your imagination to make you feel better not worse

A Friend once said that “A jealous partner is the best lover how true is that?


domestic violence photo: The Blood & Tears of Domestic Violence 53132_LImagecopiedfromAuthorhouse.jpg

As a 19years old adult male, what would you do, if u get to find out that your father uses your mother as a punching bag when every one is out. and threatens to divorce your mum if she ever speaks of his act to anyone?


I love my country, cause my country speaks for me,i am a patriotic Nigerian i want to make my country proud at all time, i want the best people on seat in my country, but his can only happen if i am giving the opportunity to put them there. And yes, I  have been given the opportunity,which is democracy where i have a say in my government.Come 2015 Nigeria would be having a change in political leaders, this is where my patriotism comes in and i implore every eligible adult citizen to take part in the forth coming changes.

Our votes would count very soon.


Just immediately after the release of the results of the entrance examination of the aspirants for the 2014/2015 Predegree programme, the cut-off marks for various Subject Combinations were disclosed which obviously pointed to the fact that the performance this year was very poor(See the cut-off marks here). Those who are within the ‘grace zone’ have been told to start paying for the Programme and to the surprise of many, there was a substantial increment in the total fees. The school fees that has been stable for the past two sessions showed an increment from N173,500 to N212,500. These admitted students have less than two weeks to get the payment made in full else any student who is unable to get that amount may forfeit his/her admission.



When we face difficult situations we blame it on life.i want to ask a question, when life mistreats you, hope helps you move on right?…yes. But when love mistreats you, what helps you move on?

We all need love, we all should show love,but how many of us get the maximum percentage of love needed to sustain us.I am a great lover, but a less receiver, reasons being that i have probably not found the best provider of the percentage of love i want .Notwithstanding the best love ever you can get from the almighty,he gives this in abundance and that’s why we are at peace with him.

With this, we can conclude that love brings peace. As i was growing up, i had the most peaceful life until i tried to have better peace but ruined everything.I have opened the door that leads to a special kind of love at first it seems i had just opened a box full of butterfly preparing its feathers to explore the world.I liked the feeling i never wanted it to stop, i was being careful with the butterflies, i really dint want them out of the box because i was scared  they might get  hurt.

My butterflies were safe until they sighted a flower wow! they said, they sought permission to stare at the flower … i objected but not for long .The flower came itself and sought permission to help keep my butterflies safe, i asked life if it was ok, life said yes that we all need a protector, i asked peace, peace said”of course it’s your priority to be safe.

I was convinced and allowed my butterflies go with the flower… it was an awesome experience the second best protection after the one from the almighty.Years passed i  still liked the whole experiences.

A peril day came, my butterflies came running to me saying ” owner we wanna come back” i responded “but you are having fun aren’t u?”. My butterflies couldn’t explain to me what was going on because i couldn’t even understand the few they had explained.

And yes! the deal day came, i was still longing for more exploration when my butterflies came to me again with the news that the flower had withered, i was in a state of deli ma i didn’t know what to do … i went to life, life directed me to hope, i went to peace, peace pointed to the heavens… and yes!! i ran to the heavens where my help comes from.



13 Nnamdi Azikiwe University Students Design Formular Student Race Car [See Photo]

Five final year students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, have designed and fabricated a formula student race car as a passing out project.

The students are Okoyenta Augustus, Okeke Chukwuebuka, Ezeani Chikeluba‎, Ofoegbu Kenechukwu, and Igbokwe Ebenezer.




There several thing that happen in teenage hood. If i am to choose the best stage of my life, i would prefer to remain a teenager for ever… but it’s not a choice i have to grow up.When i was 13 years old, i realized they are so many things i can do to make me feel happy, and as a teenager i did them and felt happy.At the age of 14 a strange thing happened to me, i was scared i needed help, i wasn’t so close to my peeps at home so i couldn’t talk to them.luckily for me my basic science teacher did justice to my fear, and i over came it.As it went on, i realized i started longing for so many things…both positive and negative….*amazing* u would say. At age 16…wow… the perfect age, i felt i was 18 already like every teenager i wanted to know why my 18 years old sister will lock herself up in the room sob for hours when a particular number is not going through or when the receiver is not picking up. I was restricted i  couldn’t  feel the same way as my 18yr old sister.hmmm finally i was 18…. i became so happy i was ready to do things i never did. nd poooppss my parent comes into the light they want to know everything, forgetting i am an adult and can take care of my self. ….would stop here…. maybe when i am 21 they would  understand me better.